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OPEN Wed., Dec. 24th from 11am till 4pm!
Closed on December 25th.

OPEN Wed. Dec. 31st from 11am till 4pm!
Closed on January 1st

Metalzone BAAL

OPEN as usual 9-12 & 16-19 Dec. 10am-6pm
Extra OPEN Sat./Sun. 13-14 Dec. 12pm-4pm
Extra OPEN Sat./Sun. 20-21 Dec. 12pm-4pm

CLOSED Dec. 22nd till Jan. 5th included.
OPEN as usual as of January 6th!

Metalzone LEUVEN

Extra OPEN Sunday, Dec. 21st 12pm-5pm
OPEN Wed., Dec. 24th 11am-4pm!
Closed on December 25th.
Extra OPEN Sunday, Dec. 28th 12pm-5pm
OPEN Wed., Dec. 31st 11am-4pm!
Closed on January 1st.

What we stand for

  Belgium's biggest provider of Metal
  and Rock, bringing the good stuff
  straight to your home!
  Find CDs and DVDs in our
  online shop.
  FREE SHIPPING in Belgium for
  orders as of € 25!
  New releases, classics and under-
  ground jewels - we've got it all!
  Subscribe to our newsletter for
  info on new releases and actions!
  Looking for something you can't
  find? Let us know and we'll pull
  as many strings as possible for you.
  Come visit us in our street shops.
  Check out our label Shiver Records.
  FOR Metalheads,
  BY Metalheads!


On the road

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If you see
near the event's name,
we'll be there
selling the good stuff!

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Solo artists are sorted by their first name (f.e. Devin Townsend under D). Bands starting with “The” (f.e. The Gathering) can be found under T.