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Top 50



The 50 best selling albums of 2014 at Metalzone!


1. SABATON "Heroes" (Nuclear Blast)
2. BEHEMOTH "The Satanist" (Nuclear Blast)
3. CHANNEL ZERO "Kill All Kings" (CNR Music)

4. MACHINE HEAD "Bloodstone & Diamonds" (Nuclear Blast)
5. TRIPTYKON "Melana Chasmata" (Century Media)
6. ALESTORM "Sunset On The Golden Age" (Napalm)
7. ICED EARTH "Plagues Of Babylon" (Century Media)
8. DIABLO BLVD "Follow The Deadlights" (Sony)
9. EXODUS "Blood In Blood Out" (Nuclear Blast)
10. STEEL PANTHER "All You Can Eat" (Kobalt)
11. ABORTED "The Necrotic Manifesto" (Century Media)
12. JUDAS PRIEST "Redeemer Of Souls" (Sony)
13. CARCASS "Surgical Steel" (Nuclear Blast)
14. LEGION OF THE DAMNED "Ravenous Plague" (Napalm)
15. INSOMNIUM "Shadows Of The Dying Sun" (Century Media)
16. EPICA "The Quantum Enigma" (Nuclear Blast)
17. GHOST B.C. "Infestissumam" (Republic)
18. VANDENBERG'S MOONKINGS "Vandenberg's Moonkings" (Mascot)
20. SLIPKNOT ".5: The Gray Chapter" (Roadrunner)
21. VADER "Tibi Et Igni" (Nuclear Blast)
22. ARCH ENEMY "War Eternal" (Century Media)
23. METALLICA "Through The Never" (Mercury)
24. SONATA ARCTICA "Pariah's Child" (Nuclear Blast)
25. AC/DC "Rock Or Bust" (Epic)
26. ELUVEITIE "Origins" (Nuclear Blast)
27. ALCEST "Shelter" (Prophecy)
28. GLORYHAMMER "Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife" (Napalm)
29. RONNIE JAMES DIO (Tribute) "This Is Your Life" (Warner)
30. BLUES PILLS "Blues Pills" (Nuclear Blast)
31. SEPTICFLESH "Titan" (Season Of Mist)
32. SABATON "Carolus Rex" (Nuclear Blast)
33. GHOST "Opus Eponymous" (Rise Above)
34. CAVALERA CONSPIRACY "Pandemonium" (Napalm)
35. LACUNA COIL "Broken Crown Halo" (Century Media)
36. HAMMERFALL "(R)evolution" (Nuclear Blast)
37. KILLER BE KILLED "Killer Be Killed" (Nuclear Blast)
38. ALESTORM "Live At The End Of The World" (Napalm)
39. SUICIDAL ANGELS "Divide And Conquer" (NoiseArt)
40. VALLENFYRE "Splinters" (Century Media)
41. DELAIN "The Human Contradiction" (Napalm)
42. MASTODON "Once More 'Round The Sun" (Reprise)
43. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican" (E1 Entertainment)
44. PRIMAL FEAR "Delivering the Black" (Frontiers)
45. CROWBAR "Symmetry In Black" (Century Media)
46. OBITUARY "Inked In Blood" (Relapse)
47. SHRAPNEL "The Virus Conspires" (Candlelight)
48. CANNIBAL CORPSE "A SKeletal Domain" (Metal Blade)
49. AT THE GATES "At War With Reality" (Century Media)
50. NOVEMBERS DOOM "Bled White" (The End)






The 50 best selling albums of 2013 at Metalzone!


1. VOLBEAT "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies" (Vertigo)
2. AMON AMARTH "Deceiver Of The Gods" (Metal Blade)
3. FINNTROLL "Blodsvept" (Century Media)

4. CARCASS "Surgical Steel" (Nuclear Blast)
5. GHOST B.C. "Infestissumam" (Republic)
6. ICED EARTH "Live In Ancient Kourion" (Century Media)
7. HEAVEN SHALL BURN "Veto" (Century Media)
8. HATEBREED "The Divinity Of Purpose" (Nuclear Blast)
9. STONESOUR "House Of Gold & Bones Part 2" (Roadrunner)
10. HYPOCRISY "End Of Disclosure" (Nuclear Blast)
11. MOTORHEAD "Aftershock" (UDR Music)
12. AMARANTHE "The Nexus" (Spinefarm)
13. SAXON "Sacrifice" (UDR Music)
14. BLACK SABBATH "13" (Vertigo)
15. DEATH ANGEL "The Dream Calls For Blood" (Nuclear Blast)
16. AVANTASIA "The Mystery Of Time" (Nuclear Blast)
17. MEGADETH "Super Collider" (Universal)
18. METALLICA "Through The Never" (Blackened)
19. AMORPHIS "Circle" (Nuclear Blast)
20. IRON MAIDEN "Maiden England 88" (EMI)
21. SABATON "Swedish Empire Live" (Nuclear Blast)
22. CHILDREN OF BODOM "Halo Of Blood" (Nuclear Blast)
23. SATAN "Life Sentence" (Listenable)
24. CLUTCH "Earth Rocker" (Weathermaker)
25. MY DYING BRIDE "The Manuscript" (Peaceville)
26. SOILWORK "The Living Infinite" (Nuclear Blast)
27. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Disarm The Descent" (Roadrunner)
28. SABATON "Carolus Rex" (Nuclear Blast)
29. SABATON "Primo Victoria" (Nuclear Blast)
30. GHOST "Opus Eponymous" (Rise Above)
31. OLIVA "Raise The Curtain" (AFM)
32. SABATON "The Art Of War" (Nuclear Blast)
33. EVILE "Skull" (Earache)
34. SUFFOCATION "Pinnacle Of Bedlam" (Nuclear Blast)
35. DEEZNUTS "Bout It" (Century Media)
36. HAVOK "Unnatural Selection" (Candlelight)
37. ROTTING CHRIST "Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy" (Season of Mist)
38. TRIVIUM "Vengeance Falls" (Roadrunner)
39. SODOM "Epitome Of Torture" (SPV)
40. STONE SOUR "House Of Gold & Bones Part 1" (Roadrunner)
41. MARCHE FUNEBRE "Roots Of Grief" (Shiver)
42. BLIKSEM "Face The Evil" (Alone)
43. TESTAMENT "Dark Roots Of Thrash" (Nuclear Blast)
44. AIRBOURNE "Black Dog Barking" (Roadrunner)
45. SAILLE "Ritu" (Code666)
46. NEWSTED "Metal" (Chophouse)
47. DARKTHRONE "The Underground Resistance (Peaceville)
48. AMARANTHE "Amaranthe" (Spinefarm)
49. HEAVEN SHALL BURN "Antigone" (Century Media)
50. KATAKLYSM "Waiting For The End To Come" (Nuclear Blast)