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DESAKRALISED - Sapiens Uncrowned - CD - € 13.95
2015 debut album by this Belgian trio, bringing an exciting, powerful mix of melodic black and death with plenty of unusual elements to top it off!

SIGNS OF DARKNESS - The Age Of Decay - CD - € 11.95
It took them quite some years to create their 4th album and it seems those were really furious, vicious, hateful years for sure. 11 tracks of raw in your face black metal with eerie unconventional melodies, furious blast beats, and icy cold vocals. Satyricon, Marduk, Dissection,... are some of the bands that will come to mind when listening to this great piece of black metal. Be prepared for total mayhem !!

INSANITY REIGNS SUPREME - Unorthodox - CD - € 13.95
Celebrating their 25th anniversary with this new album of dark delight, Insanity Reigns Supreme combine furious black and death metal with the funeral grimness of doom! Thematically the album is centered around the duality of mankind, also reflected in the extra artwork for this slipcase edition, courtesy of Seth Siro Anton (Septicflesh). For fans of Behemoth, Novembers Doom, Belphegor, Triptykon,...!!

BATTALION - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War - CD - € 11.95
Third full length by this death metal panzer, more melodic AND more brutal than ever before! If you like bands such as Malevolent Creation, Bolt Thrower, Suffocation, and Bloodbath, this 2014 incarnation of Battalion will be right up your sleeve!!

MARCHE FUNEBRE - Roots Of Grief - CD - € 11.95
First class doom death metal. Over 60 minutes of doomy, gloomy, dark, creepy, haunting and most of all slow, metal . The perfect mix between old classic sounding death metal and pure doom metal. This is their 2nd full album on which they are perfecting their old My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Anathema, influenced style with genre-transcending elements!!

MYRKVAR - As en Bloed - CD - € 11.95
The Dutch pagan/folk metal horde of Myrkvar returns with their second album “As en Bloed” revolving around the Ragnarok – the end of time, as portrayed in the Norse book of Edda.
More mature and more powerful than ever and definitely continuing their signature melodic approach, this is a must have for fans of Turisas, Finntroll, Månegarm, Heidevolk, Ensiferum, ...!

EVILENKO - Human (disg)Race - CD - € 11.95
Think of thrash infused death metal with splashes of hardcore and most of all a LOT of balls, and that will somewhat tell you what to expect from the debut album of Evilenko!
Musically as well as lyrically, they prefer a strong blow in the stomach to a slap in the face, so brace yourself and let the battle commence! For fans of Bolt Thrower, Vader, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, Slayer, ...!

PANCHRYSIA - Massa Damnata - CD - € 11.95
On this absolute highlight of Belgian black metal, and their fourth full length, Panchrysia sounds deeper, darker, doomier and more melodic than ever before!.
“Massa Damnata” grabs you by the throat and takes you on an overwhelming journey. An absolute must for fans of Taake, Urgehal, Watain, Khold, Funeral Mist, ...!

AGALLOCH - The Silence Of Forgotten Landscapes - DVD - € 19.95
AGALLOCH has and always will be a band who prefers experimentation over settling on a niche. With a style deeply rooted in the dark metal genre they managed to bridge the gap between gothic doom, black metal, neo-folk, post rock and even some ambient soundscapes here and there. The band has earned a rabid cult following over the years due in part to their artistic and independent attitude, elusive aura and scarce but volatile live performances. This is your chance to be at one of their shows in the front-row yourself. Recorded live during their last European tour and with lots of bonus material. As always AGALLOCH delivers the goods in their own special way so enjoy this pretty unique band !
SHR514 - barcode 5425018535149

AGUYNGUERRAN - Perverting The Nazarene Cult - CD - € 9.95
Pure black metal all the way ! Convincing, technical, intense, obscure and blasphemous hatefilled black metal that deals with each and every dogmatic concept there is. Featuring Nguaroth who is also famous as frontman (guitarist/vocals) from Belgian black metal legends ENTHRONED !! If you’re into extreme black metal, dig in ! Artwork by Kris Verwimp !
SHR113 - barcode 5425018531134

ASCEND-ENCY - Regression - CD - € 11.95
Blasting furious industrial death/black metal that will rip your face apart… They worked several years on defining en refining their style and this is it !! Definitely for fans of Belphegor, Anaal Nathrakh, Malfeitor, Aborym, etc ...
SHR521 - barcode 5425018535217

AXAMENTA - Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture (Limited edition digipak version) - CD - € 13.50
Produced by Jacob Hansen, mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Haunted,…) and with Daniel Gildenlöw (PAIN OF SALVATION) as guest vocalist ! This album has only one intention : to bring AXAMENTA where they belong : at the top of todays (progressive) black metal scene ! This is 64 minutes of true modern, progressive symphonic darkness that is going to reign the world !! The album was chosen CD OF THE MONTH in the dutch Aardschok magazine and on various webzines !!
SHR501 - barcode 5425018535019

BATTALION - Wintercampaign - CD - € 13.50
13 hymns of detonation, bombshell splinters, panzer divisions, ripped flesh and spreading terror… The warmachine keeps on turning and soldiers gonna die ! A massive brutal onslaught of artillery fire, unleash the dogs of war, the winter campaign has just begun. Undoubtly influenced by various oldschool death metal bands but definitely a tank division that stands on it’s own.
SHR502 - barcode 5425018535026

BATTALION - Welcome To The Warzone - CD - € 9.95
My god, the tank division is back with another massive onslaught of artillery fire ! Not hiding their old-school influences (Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Terrorizer, Grave,…) but again succeeding in making these blend in with their own approach of precise executed bombing death metal attacks !! Blooddrenched death metal to relive the horrors of WW II… this is one´s worst nightmare … they’re back !!
SHR509 - barcode 5425018535095

CRIMSON FALLS - The True Face Of Human Nature - CD - € 8.95
A perfect blend of all types of modern deathly metal as intense, as passionate and as crushing as humanly possible. This young band is really going all the way and is gaining lots of fans every day by extensive gigging all over Europe ! The album also features guest appearances by members of Aborted, Axamenta and more. This is only the beginning of great things to come !
SHR107 - barcode 5425018531073

CRUSADER - Skinclad - CD - € 9.95
With this new album they move away (lyrically as well as conceptually) from the often fantastic and historical context of previous creations from the band. They now aim to prove that pure emotions felt in the hearts of everyday human beings can be as pure, triumphant, heroic and dramatic as those told of in ancient tales. Bang that head that doesn’t bang and go and see this band live !!
SHR109 - barcode 5425018531097

DAGORLAD - Herald Of Doom - CD - € 9.95
They’re back and how ?! Still fighting their ancient battles and still walking the path of heroic and atmospheric dark metal along the borders where bands such as Bal Sagoth, Summoning, etc… are walking as well. This is an epic fantasy concept album with more melodic songs and an improved great modern sound to what you’re used to of these Belgian warriors… Artwork by Kris Verwimp.
SHR507 - barcode 5425018535071

DAYS OF BETRAYAL - Decapitated For Research - CD - € 9.95
A metal album in all its layers but with an original flair of sound. Obviously drawing influences from bands such as Heaven Shall Burn, At The Gates, Bolt Thrower, etc… but with a personal touch to it. The perfect mix of death/black metal and metalcore. 10 brutal tracks of modern melodic death-black-metalcore. Recorded, mixed and mastered at the CDS Studios in Essex, UK.
SHR114 - barcode 5425018531141

DEDICTED - Argonauts - CD - € 9.95
The album title refers to the ‘Ship of Fools’ which is thought to have been sailing the waters of Europe at the end of the Middle Ages, carrying madmen away from the cities which could not longer deal with them. Listening to this album will let you experience both journeys at the same time: progressive riffs feeling as if the vessel is caught by a heavy storm in the midst of the ocean, swivelling from left to right, up and down, accompanied with thunderous vocals; choruses sounding like the eye of the storm and breaks announcing the tempest’s second strike.
SHR508 - barcode 5425018535088

FALLOUT - Bone As Dust Shall Be - CD - € 9.95
Wow, these guys sound like they could have come straight out of the US metal scene during the 80’s. Really amazing first class heavy/speed/thrash metal from a young band that is ready to kick ass and definitely ready to thrash the fucking world goddamned !
SHR517 - barcode 5425018535170

GRASPOP METAL MEETING - Beyond the rockumentary - DVD - € 9.95
A great “rockumentary” about one of the biggest and best known metal festivals in Europe : Graspop Metal Meeting ! This documentary was made to celebrate the 15th birthday of this great festival ! A great overview of what is going on at the festival site and what it is doing to the small town in Belgium called Dessel. What’s happening, what’s needed, what’s the crowd like, who are those people, how many beers do you need, the place, the site, etc... This is really a cool overview about the A to Z of the Graspop festival !
SHR518 - barcode 5425018535187

ICONOCLASM / PANCHRYSIA - The Ultimate Crescendo Of Hell - CD - € 9.95
ICONOCLASM delivers raw, fierce and filthy black metal, has performed with the top of the world’s black metal scene and even has a Brazilian tour under their belts ! PANCHRYSIA delivers a more modern black metal influenced by such bands as Satyricon and Emperor and has been touring all over Europe very intensively !
SHR105 - barcode 5425018531059

INSANITY REIGNS SUPREME - Occultus Insanus Damnatus - CD - € 11.95
What’s in a name ? Probably the best death metal album ever to come from Belgium ! Produced by Andy Classen at Stage One Studios (a.o.Belphegor, Legion of the damned,...) and with artwork done by Seth Siro Anton (Moonspell, Belphegor, Exodus,...). So it doesn’t only sounds great, it looks great as well. This is truly insane and will definitely kick some ass !
SHR515 - barcode SHR515

MANIC MOVEMENT - Dark Glitter - CD - € 9.95
The band has switched to female vocals, created more accessible songs and expanded its musical spectrum. The end result is an incredible album with a great cover of Sting’s hitsingle “Russians”. The band’s video for this song has also been voted no.1 as best new video on Jim TV (A national music TV channel). This is a must-have CD for fans of After Forever, Epica, Nightwish, Leaves Eyes, etc...
SHR115 - barcode 5425018531158

MARCHE FUNEBRE - To Drown - CD - € 11.95
First class doom death metal. Over 60 minutes of doomy, gloomy, dark, creepy , haunting and most of all slow, metal . The perfect mix between old classic sounding death metal and pure doom metal. Very early Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Anathema, etc... definitely comes to mind when listening to this masterpiece !!
SHR519 - barcode 5425018535194

MOKER - Translating The Pain - CD - € 9.95
The band’s name actually means “sledgehammer” and that is exactly what they try to accomplish. Superb brutal deathcore metal and a full frontal cranial punch that keeps resonating long after it has been delivered. Check out the crushing hard pounding drums.
SHR108 - barcode 5425018531080

MYRKVAR - Als Een Woeste Horde - CD - € 11.95
Great black-ish folk metal. Folk melodies on violin and keys accompanied by heavy guitar riffs, black metal blasts and the occasional very dancable humpaas. Recommended for fans of Moonsorrow, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Korpiklaani, Manegarm, Falkenbach, Turisas, etc...
SHR512 - barcode 5425018535125

NEVERLIGHT HORIZON - No Heaven... Only Torment - CD - € 9.95
The title says it all really. Brutal (yet melodic !!) grinding death metal from the French speaking parts of Belgium. Bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Deicide, etc… are referred to as being influences of the band.
SHR111 - barcode 5425018531110

ORDEAL - Atrocities - CD - € 9.95
The band was formed in 1991 making it one of Belgium’s oldest death metal bands and during these years the band has built up a well-deserved live reputation and following. The album features 12 tracks of pure brutality and destruction influenced by the early 90’s Florida death metal scene. What else would you expect of a band that’s been around for more than 15 years now...
SHR106 - barcode 5425018531066

PUTRID INBRED - Scavenger - CD - € 4.95
Putrid Inbred is nothing but a solid act performing death metal for those who have a weak spot for ultra guttural vocals, heavy ass breakdowns, intense blasting and flawless musicianship. They like to call what they’re doing : “the art of cooking human kidneys” so be prepared for some serious kitchen-work here.
SHR112 - barcode 5425018531127

SIGNS OF DARKNESS - The Fall Of Amen - CD - € 9.95
One of Belgium’s best black metal bands return with their 3rd and far out best album up to date. In your face melodic black metal with eerie unconventional melodies, thundering bass, meaty thick guitar tone, powerfull drumming and icy cold vocals. Satyricon, Marduk, Dissection,... are some of the bands that will come to mind when listening to this great piece of black metal.
SHR516 - barcode 5425018535163

SUHRIM - Happy Hour - CD - € 7.95
This Belgian cult band is almost 20 years old now (20 years of pain and horror, but they wouldn’t want it any other way). Flesh ripping guitar hooks, bowel-rendering grooves and guttural vocal firework makes this a savage, contemporary death metal tornado like you never heard it before. It’s happy hour… and there’s a party going on in the morgue, free drinks for all dead corpses !
SHR505 - barcode 5425018535057

THE RECKONING - Counterblast - CD - € 9.95
Wow, this is without a doubt their best album yet !! Bloody awesome furious, violent, uncompromising oldschool blasting deathly thrash metal ! With this new album the band delivers the finishing stroke to those who survived them the last time ! Excellent production and great song-writing proofs that these guys matured a lot over the last couple of years ! SUPERB thrashing deathly metal !!
SHR511 - barcode 5425018535118

THE SEVENTH - Cursed Earth Wasteland - CD - € 7.95
Truly amazing death metal with a lot of variation and melody combined with a massive and crushing sound ! No effort was spared to make this album a total killer : recorded at Soundlodge Studios (God Dethroned, Dew-Scented,…), mastered by Tue Madsen (Aborted, Dark Tranquillity,…) and French illustrator Djahal took care of the magnificent artwork. The result of everything really exceeds all expectations, this IS art !
SHR110 - barcode 5425018531103

THURISAZ - Scent of a dream - CD - € 7.95
Their debut album re-released with bonus improved artwork and booklet and featuring an accoustic bonus track. Superb melodic doomy emotional black-ish metal music. The band has just been on another small tour of Europe with their pals of Saturnus. This band is really going places and we’re gonna hear quite a lot of these guys in the near and distant future for sure !!
SHR510 - barcode 5425018530991

THURISAZ - Circadian Rhythm - CD - € 11.95
A masterpiece of atmospheric (black-ish) doom death metal and beyond !! A superb mix of doom, atmosphere, aggression, melody, emotions and depth blend together with a singer that can actually sing almost anything you want him to sing ! True art ! They made a very successful European and US tour together with Novembers Doom, Agalloch and Saturnus and have gained a lot of new fans since then - nobody knew them, everybody loved them ! On top of it all they also played at Graspop Festival.
SHR503 - barcode 5425018535033

WARBEAST(MMVIII) - Stronghold - CD - € 11.95
Deathly thrashing destructive metal would be the perfect description for this piece of powerful music ! The band has first earned their battlescars at various live gigs in small and bigger venues and is now ready to take it all one step further by releasing this piece of powerful thrashing death metal onto CD. Getting a pretty stable following thanks to their various live gigs !
SHR520 - barcode 5425018535200

WELKIN - The Origin - CD - € 9.95
Their previous album “Angel Inside” got their name going around in the scene and seems to be hard to find these days. No wonder the interest for their new album was bigger then anyone could expect. But then again this is a serious piece of superb brutal death metal : pounding, groovy and brutal as hell...
SHR504 - barcode 5425018535040

WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT - Manifest Of Evil - CD - € 9.95
Yiiiihah, the smellers finally return with another album full of traditional heavy metal hymns ! If you still don’t know this band be aware because this is first class heavy metal with a theatrical performance and an uncompromising style of timeless and trendless heavy metal. These guys really live and breath heavy metal and this album is no less than a milestone in their existence and once more an excellent soundtrack for all headbanger’s work-out...
SHR506 - barcode 5425018535064